Handmade bodycare using only natural nourishing ingredients. Return your body to the  Earthly beauty it was meant to be. 

Our story

I am a mother with 2 children, a boy and a girl (and another on the way!). Mia Amani is the name of my daughter. I am a stay-at-home homeschooling mama, who likes to make things. I believe that you can make anything at home if you wanted to. I sew and knit our family's clothes, bags, toys, cloth diapers, you name it. To me it means that we can live sustainably, and I love that my family can wear and use natural, eco-friendly products that I make myself with care and considerable attention to detail. 

This simple living, handmade lifestyle has changed my view of many of the bodycare products that we use on an everyday basis. Mia Amani Natural Bodycare began from a simple desire to avoid chemicals in my family’s body care products. I started to make my own handmade skin care products to replace the chemical products we use, using only the most natural ingredients I can find. Ingredients that my children can ‘test’ with their tongues (which children do a lot! ) and I don’t have to rush them over to the hospital. Our ingredients are so natural and nourishing, you can (and probably should) ingest them for good health! The good news is the natural stuff work better than fancy chemicals and are kinder to your body.

I began to receive requests from friends and family who also want to avoid harmful substances in their body care. I started a line of natural body care products for this and as simple as that, Mia Amani Natural Handmade Bodycare was born.

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