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  1. been using this cheeky bottom salve for my 4 months baby with his mild eczema condition..and this thing works tremendously on him. no more diaper rash and can be used too if he gets mosquito or ant's bites. i have no worries anymore.. :) thanks my dear!

  2. coconut lip butter for day use
    midnight lavender lips for night use
    bye bye chapped lips!

  3. We'd used the first aid salve on our 2 months old mosquito bites the other day when we're at kampung, and the results was tremendously pleasing; the swell and redness resolved within hours. Now, this is big relieve for us considering the mild eczema condition that she is having. Plus, the compact and easy to open packaging really helps especially during our trips and travels. This is some quality home-made stuff and we're really happy that have it at home. Thank you so much! And my wife and I really look forward for more wonderful stuff from you guys. Thanks.